From your Editors... 

Summer’s here! Let the fun begin! 

With kids being released from classrooms, teens graduating to future careers, holiday dreams becoming a reality, and the hot sun putting in a two-month long appearance, life as we know it is about to heat up. 

Our team at ISSUES magazine has dedicated itself to providing you, our reader, with a jam-packed, fun-filled, summer-time read. We’ve got great summer recipes, a summer-time entertainment guide to good times, and much more! 

You’ve spoken! We’ve received some great comments from our readers and we appreciate hearing from you! We hope that you’ll continue to ‘talk’ to us and let us know what you like and don’t like, and what you want to see more of. We’re here to serve you!

So, sit back and have a look around. And most of all, have a great summer and we’ll see you again in September!

If you missed our last issue, you can check it out here: ISSUES magazine May/June

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