Affirming Love

Affirming a desire rather than whining for what you want is the first step in taking an active roll for creating the love you want in your life. To affirm means to declare positively or firmly.

When working with the general law of attraction, remember that what we project into the universe is what we usually draw to us. Avoid negative thought patterns that can send you into a downward spiral. The hungry, needy energy is not what we want to send out when seeking love and fulfillment.

Throughout time people have used different means to affirm their desires into reality through ritual and prayer.

"An affirmation is a short positive statement that is repeated over and over again. Negative or undesired thoughts are kept at bay. Unity of body and mind is encouraged. Affirmations are quite popular with some people. You can make up your own or try a standard one. 'God Is Love' or 'We Are One' or 'I Am You' or 'You Are Me' or 'Love Is All Around Us' or 'We Are Love' are some of the standard ones. Play with the affirmation 'You Love Me' while self-loving. You may find that the 'you' is actually you. That what you really need is not love from someone else, but love from the self. The love you get is the love you choose to let in." Write David and Ellen Ramsdale in their book "Sexual Energy Exstasy" (Peakskill Publishing, 1985)

This is the first positive step one can take to attract love. Learn to love yourself and you will draw love to you in return. When using positive affirmations, be very clear and concise in your intent. Use positive wording when affirming what it is you want. Instead of saying or thinking "I don't want to be lovely anymore." Say, "I affirm to attract a compatible loving partner into my life at this time."

Throughout prehistoric and historic times people have used prayer and ritual to draw and affirm love into their lives. Affirmations have been used throughout the ages to draw and keep the heart's strongest desire for true love. This is part of the work you can do to ready yourself for the love you desire. The next step is to actively make the effort needed to be in a space where you can meet people and prospective partners.

A good place to start is to join singles groups and make friends in social settings. Online dating services offer you a chance to anonymously sift through prospective mates conveniently and at your own pace. Online dating services are quickly becoming a popular way to make new friends because they don't consume your precious time with blind dates, etc. The friends you make may not themselves be the one you're looking for but may be able to introduce you to that someone special.

The best thing you can do is feel confident in yourself. Confidence will pull people to you. So do what you need to work on raising your self- esteem while at the same time affirming and visualizing exactly what it is you want! Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it!


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Debora Myers is editor and co-founder of She is a graduate of the Self-Heal School of Herbal Medicine in San Diego, CA. She has also studied extensively with Traditional American Indian Healers and been actively involved in the civil rights and environmental movements. Debora is a life long student, constantly updating and educating herself concerning the holistic healing arts and sexuality. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children.

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